We do Strategy Consulting

We assess Startups, SMEs and Businesses Units of large companies in need for a change that have to develop a new strategy.

Along with the company, we build and define the plan that will make it reach its goals.

Examples of situations where we add value

  • Crisis management.
  • Drop down in sales and/or decrease in market share.
  • Optimization in a hypergrowth situation.
  • Business model expansion and/or product portfolio diversification.
  • Breaking of settled inertias.
  • Processes derived from a generational change.

  • Inefficient management of the company’s cost structure.
  • Need for rebranding or corporate definition.
  • Redesign of the investment policy.
  • Market positioning problem.
  • Financing needs.
  • Adapting the value proposal to digital
Your business needs to make a decision



Solutions we offer

We analyze the company in detail and establish the plan to achieve the goals

Specific, high level and impactful training sessions for your company 

Why hiring a consulting firm for your company’s strategy

Because you want a high-quality service, investing time that you don’t have, in one of the key points of your business.

Because you want to minimize the risk of your decisions.

Because you want expertise and professionalism in this task.

Because you want inputs from other sectors that can boost your strategy.

Because you need independent professionals in your company who act with sincerity, trust, confidentiality and crosswise.

Working with us is a guarantee of:


We offer services that we know add value to the client and we only have staff who excel in their work.


We do not give any premise as correct or established. We question all the information trying to find solutions to minimize risks.


We do not consider assuming a relationship with a client if we do not add value. Allocate money in strategy is an investment, not a cost.


We have a limit set of customers to assess. If you are one of our clients you will have all our attention to achieve the results.

Not receiving upselling

We are fully dedicated to the company's strategy. In no case do we direct it towards the generation of complementary services.

Feasible results

We prioritize the analysis of the company and all its processes. We ensure realistic and feasible indications according to the conditions of the company and the market.

A new way of working

We run away from the old stigmas of consulting. We are close and we communicate the achievable results from the start. We charge for carrying projects out and not for the amount of hours dedicated to the projects.

We have participated in professional projects with:

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