Strategy Consulting

Your company is in such a situation that it has to manage a large change and you need security in your decisions. The aim is to draw a new, reliable, affordable, risk-minimizing and expert execution strategy.

The combination we offer to all our customers

Work + Method + Experience

You need an effective plan to achieve your goals.

We know how and we have the tools to make it possible.

Get to know the phases of our consultancy

Phase 1: Discovery

Initial meeting where the client explains the reality of the company and all the relevant or analytical factors. We put special emphasis on understanding the current situation of the company and where it wants to head to. For us, it is very important to understand exactly your situation in order to offer the optimal advice.

We usually meet with the heads of departments involved in the production process, to experience first-hand the management and organization of the day-to-day operations.

We need to understand exactly how the company and the sector work, while identifying the optimizing points to achieve the goals that have been set.

Phase 2: Generación

Time to show the client the first thoughts extracted after processing all the information and meetings held. We make sure that we remain aligned and agree on the lines of work that the future strategy will be based on.

This phase assures us that the client shares with us our conclusions on the different problems. Once we all agree, it’s time to go deeper into the areas we have decided to focus on.

Phase 3: Research

We draw up all the agreed lines in order to shape the strategic plan. We develop in detail and meaning the path to take so as to bring the company to its future goal.

To ensure its achievement, we also build the five-year financial plan in order to measure the viability and needs of the company according to the milestones set out in the strategic plan.

In this step, more information may be required to make sure we are working with the correct data.

Phase 4: Delivery

Final presentation of the new strategic plan to the company’s management team. Exposition of the action plan and its implementation.

It is very important for us to deliver a document with achievable conclusions. We emphasize the steps to be taken to achieve the set goals.

This service is for you if:


Your business needs to manage a process of change


You are willing to modify those elements of your company that are necessary


You feel that strategy is the key to take the next steps in your company


You need security regarding your company’s future plan


You want expert advice to know that you are taking the right steps


You value this service as an investment in the future of your business

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