Strategic workshops

Workshops are practical training sessions where we work directly with the information of the company. We offer different one-day workshops designed to generate a relevant and sustainable impact on the company.

How to improve your knowledge with us

We define together with you the distinguishing points of the company or product within the sector. What is your value?

We define together with you how we use finances to achieve a strategic asset. What is your financial situation?

Marketing strategy

In this workshop we analyze the elements that will be the base of the future strategy of your company. We present the importance of a good positioning inside the market – how to define it and learning to know the characteristics that make you different from the competition. We will learn how to take advantage of this characteristics in your corporate communication.At the end of the workshop you will understand your value proposition and you will know what paths you should follow to make your company grow.

All our workshops are one-day sessions and are taught by ST strategy partners

Financial strategy

We present and analyze the necessary tools to understand both the structure and financial health of the company. We will share the actions that need to be taken in order to achieve or maintain them. The current and future analysis is very important, that’s why we will focus on the current valuation of the company and the potential future value. At the end of this workshop, you will be sure about your financial health and you will know which strategy you need to follow to bring the company to the optimum point.

This service is for you if:


You want to define your company’s strategy


You want effective training that guarantees that you will get a definite guideline


You need to be confident in what your company’s future plan will be


You want to be trained by experts


You value this service as an investment in the future of your business

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