Manage and consolidate the hyper-growth of a leading company on social networks


For years now, companies have been understanding that their presence on social networks is important to achieve new impacts on their customers and attract them to their products or services. In this case, the company SocialGrowing* was able, a few years ago, to perfectly understand the growth that social networks would have in the future and devised a business model that would feed directly from the monetization that the main social networks can generate for their users. ST strategy helped the company to manage the strong growth it has experienced in recent years, which has led it to increase both its workforce and its turnover exponentially.

Capitalize on social media

Diversify the business to minimize risks

Manage the team in strong growth

The complete story


The explosion of social networks has represented a source of opportunities for many companies that have been able to understand the new revenue streams that these platforms have been able to generate. While most companies use the networks as an “exhibitor” to attract users to their physical or virtual locations, SocialGrowing was able to interpret a business model that, while maintaining a very low cost structure, managed to generate a high economic return using the different forms of monetization that the networks offer.

The fact of visualizing this model before anyone else and carrying out a deep study of the algorithms that drive the networks, led the company to maximize its results, being currently one of the leading content creators in the country and considered one of the Top Creators by the social network itself.

Changeover points

Based on the analysis made by ST strategy, a new strategic plan was designed that would allow the company to maintain the existing growth and, at the same time, consolidate a team that was still new to the new functions that they themselves had created.

  • Internal organization: Although the company’s current structure had made it a benchmark in its sector, it needed to be reinforced in order to face the company’s growth for much longer. It was necessary to reorganize the staff, generate new internal protocols and create new positions to allow the management to continue to manage the company correctly without being so indispensable in the daily operations.
  • New business opportunities: The economic success achieved by the company led it to consider different business opportunities. The strategic plan contemplated the different options to work on, as well as how to enter new sectors and the timing of execution. It was important to expand the company’s portfolio of services, but it was also necessary to ensure that the team was prepared to take each of the necessary steps.
  • Communication: A sector as new and with such a revulsive model as Social Growing, posed challenges such as the amount of information to share with a team still in formation. It was necessary to generate different entry barriers and internal levels of information to ensure that each member of the team had the necessary knowledge to be able to fulfill their daily tasks.


ST strategy made several recommendations within the framework of the company’s new strategic plan. Some of them turned out to be quick wins, which could have a quick impact on Social Growing. We highlight the following: 

  • Creation of a new organizational chart.
  • Creation of an internal feedback methodology for day-to-day tasks.
  • Creation of a plan to have a greater impact on new social networks.
  • Planning and design of new lines of business.
  • Modify the company’s internal management program to improve efficiency.
  • Take advantage of the company’s internal database to optimize the company’s outputs.
  • Create elements to optimize internal training.

* The confidentiality of our clients is a priority of the company. Although we have changed their names, the information is real